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TROCLIVRE is a platform that facilitates the exchange of books of all kinds in all countries where we are present. We try to revive every book you save online, by finding a new owner. And you enjoy the many books offered by other members.
Points ensure that everyone gives and receives books fairly. 1 point corresponds to a value of 500 FCFA. When a member gives up a book, he receives points, which he can then use to take himself a book of the same value.
Members can help each other by transferring points. If for a book with 35 points, you miss 3 points, your friends can help you by transferring the 3 missing points. The transfer is capped at 20 points, the equivalent of 10,000 FCFA.
You can write to us directly via the site by accessing the contact menu or write to us by mail
TROCLIVRE is a site whose access is completely free, without subscription, and based on a system of points: you enjoy a maximum of culture without spending more. It is perceived for each successful transaction when withdrawing and deposits 250 FCFA.
By registering Click here: it's very fast. Then just enter the title and author or barcodes of the books you want to separate - everything else is automatic.
The progress of the exchange is monitored on the dedicated platform. When the book is received, the new owner is debited for the corresponding points, and the previous owner credited. More details
If you have a book and you want to offer it for exchange, but its record does not yet exist on Troclivre, you can ask us to create it via our form. We will create the form of the book in the immediate future to allow you to exchange it.
Only original copies are exchanged on TROCLIVRE, legally. The activity of TROCLIVRE is not just about the exchange of books. For the second phase, a partnership agreement will be signed with the authors, publishers to encourage writing and their remunerations.
Just log in and make the changes in your account area> My profile> Update.
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• Date of Birth [dd-mm-yyyy]; follow the syntax using dashes.
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Please read our Terms of Service before to Click [SUBSCRIBE] to validate
After registration, make an appointment in Account> My Profile and fill in your profile information and confirm by clicking Update. If you are not satisfied with our response, do not hesitate to contact us.
You just have to go to one of our relay centers with your ID to ask for closure. If you are not satisfied with our response, do not hesitate to contact us.
Go to one of our relay centers to reset. The operation will cost you 25 FCFA.
We pool the resources of all partner libraries. Register once and access a network of partner libraries wherever we are. The mutual library also offers you the possibility to borrow books. Each time the subscriber withdraws a book of interest to him, part of the points of his account is blocked with a market value greater than the borrowed book. Once the book is returned, your points are returned to you.
- To be a member of the platform TROCLIVRE
- To pay the access fee 500FCFA valid for six (06) months for the loans of books.
- When your subscription expires, you still have access to the books of some libraries for on-site consultations.
- The member goes to the mutual library section
- He clicks on "I want it" at the level of the book that interests him - He receives an SMS to notify him that his request has been taken into account and that he has 3 days to come and withdraw the book
- He goes to relay center for validation of the operation. The relay center blocks the required number of points mentioned for the book plus 2 points.
- If this is his first book removal operation in the mutual library, the member must pay 500 FCFA valid for six (06) months. He has one (01) month to return the book. - Once the book is returned, all blocked points are restored.